Penny Schnee-Bosch: Author, Someday...
As a veteran early childhood teacher, I have enjoyed the opportunity to read a host of books to many children of different backgrounds. From the public schools of Harlem to the private schools of the Upper West Side, I have found that all children like to see themselves in a story. With this in mind, 'Someday...' was created to help children develop a strong sense of themselves and their world - and to have fun doing it!

'Someday...' lends itself to many follow-up activities and discussions. It is rich in language, including lots of lovely alliteration. 'Someday...' encourages children to think about what they would like to be when they grow up while emphasizing how special they are today. It inspires a child's imagination to soar and not be bound by gender or any other stereotypes. Enjoy!

David Bosch: Illustrator, Someday...

David studied painting & drawing at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston. His influences range from German expressionism to Tibetan thanka painting to silly cartoons. Someday… was drawn with oil pastels and manipulated with household items like paper clips, spoons and chopsticks to create different textures and effects. As a follow-up to enjoying Someday... your child can have fun experimenting with these materials – it’s great for fine motor development, too!


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